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Turn social data into visuals for your visitors

Context. Connect. Convert.

Content Visualization Platform for Publishers & Advertisers
Vertically Integrated Social Data Tools for National & Local Markets
Data Analytics & Insights for Digital Media Verticals

When you want to go beyond rich media ads
  • Advanced Vertical Integration

    CoverCake is hooked into industry databases with deep integrations for digital media verticals. Our platform can automatically interpret your search topic and assign the most relevant data filters.

  • Dynamic Content Visualization

    Real-time Ad & Content Theme Visualizations are easily created and served from a powerful social big-data architecture and empowers you to directly drive deeper content engagement and higher CPMs.

  • Extracting 'Cool' from Raw Data

    Data visualizations are all good and great for business, but consumers aren't interested - unless you can splice together interesting data, visualizations and appealing design. Thats what we do best.